Company’s coming…

This week my family and I are going to be pretty busy. We have company coming to stay with us for a week, and we will be out and about quite a bit.
We have all sorts of day trips planned, and I will be taking plenty of pictures along the way.
My design and sewing projects will be put on the back burner for the next week as well. Hopefully today I will have time to set the sleeves into my faux fur jacket, which is coming together nicely. I am not sure when I will be shooting pics of all of my coats yet, as it is still much too warm to be standing on location some place in a wool coat.  This is why pictures of the outfits I have made and posted so far, are all “studio style”. To be honest, this indoor style is NOT my favorite. I am much more of an outdoor location type photographer.  I also have a few summery dresses in the works, which I will be posting pictures of as soon as they are finished. These dresses will be able to be photographed on location. First up on the summer dress agenda will be the dress I made for Ciarra. I just need to put in the zipper and hem it, and it will be done. So far she looks fabulous in the dress.
I hope everyone is having a great summer so far. We are coming into the last few weeks of the season, and then on to the season that warms my heart…autumn. I look forward to the chilly evenings, and pleasant mornings. It’s the time of making soups and stews, as well as making s’mores with the family, as we sit around the fire pit under the stars. Every fall equinox we have a “fall feast” and make a fabulous dinner, which usually includes butternut squash, and home made applesauce! YUM. I can’t wait for Halloween as well. It is so fun to see everyone dressed up and having a great time. You can get wild and crazy with the fashion on that night! It’s such a blast.
Fall also means it is back to school for me. This means everything will be run on a time schedule around my house, in order to fit everything in. It gets really busy around here that is for sure. Thank goodness for crock-pots! LOL
Until next post…which will probably be from the road!
Have a fabulous day!
John checking out the pumpkins and huge butternut squash at Ioka farm in MA

I look forward to visits to the local pumpkin patches this fall

The fall color coming in! upstate NY

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