Finding your Fashion Voice

Have you ever been asked the question, “what is your fashion style”?
This question can put many on the spot, leaving them to wonder just what to reply, not sure of the proper description. Then there are those individuals who know exactly what their preferences are, over time developing a keen sense of self, and individuality. They aren’t afraid to be themselves, and make choices based on their own unique personality. This type of confidence does not happen overnight. It takes time to blossom and grow.
As a student of fashion design, this is the very question that will eventually define who you are, and what you are “trying to say” as a designer. This is called your “fashion Voice”.
As you grow and change during your education, so do your preferences and tastes. You may think you know what you “are all about”, but by the time you are done with your schooling, your style will most likely have evolved. I think this process of “personal evolution” applies to more that just fashion, but to every facet of life.
 I am in the process right now of discovering my “fashion voice” and I have to say, it is a very eye opening and interesting process. I am constantly surprising myself, and things I once disliked, are now some of my likes! 🙂
To help me focus as a designer, and to create what I think best expresses my personality and style, I look to various sources of inspiration and imagery. I keep these sources in a book, and reference them when I need to regain focus. They help to remind me of where I have been and who I have become.
Some examples of things I keep in my book would be photos of art pieces I love, vacation pictures, people I admire, favorite places, films, literature and historical time periods I find fascinating.
Mood boards for collections will evolve from what I have learned about my own personality through creating my book.
1950’s themed mood board 

Art Nouveau mood board
Anyone can apply this technique in order to gain a clear perspective, while trying to achieve a certain goal. I also have “fitness mood boards” in my gym to help push me through tough workouts.
Do you have a book, or board of inspiration in your home to help focus? Do you apply these techniques in your career? Do share 🙂
Until next post.

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