Maaa-va-lous Monday!!

Maaaa-va-luss Monday!
Good morning, and a very marvelous Monday to you!  🙂
I have to admit; I am “dragging tush” this morning, and just can’t seem snap out of my sleepy stupor.
My day usually begins when my husband gets up for work, at 5:30am. I stumble out of bed, throw on some workout clothes, and head for the living room for 45 minutes of yoga or some sort of cardio such as, treadmill intervals in our gym, or an Insanity DVD.
After this, I grab breakfast, and my beloved Jasmine green tea. I can’t imagine a morning without it. I got hooked on Jasmine tea when the movie Marie Antoinette came out. During the scene when Marie’s brother comes to visit, she serves him a cup of blooming tea. After I saw this, I just had to get my hands on some!
 After I saw the movie, I bought a clear teapot and some “tea posy” tea balls. The jasmine flavor and scent are so delicate and beautiful. I was instantly addicted.

 If I am in a pinch, and out of tea posy tea, I will grab a simple box of Jasmine tea from the grocery store. My usual choice is Bigealow jasmine green.
After tea my busy day begins, with school, blogging, research, projects etc.
And so our week begins! Have a fabulous week everyone
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