My “Into the woods” dress!

On my birthday I was given a few yards of silk jersey. I really like the way strapless dresses look on me, so I created a pattern, and went to work on my “into the woods” dress. I love the print of this dress it’s so whimsical.
My “into the woods” print silk jersey
I like to “extend seasons” of my wardrobe by adding or taking away certain companion pieces.
 Here I am wearing my dress for the summer season, perhaps for a date night with my hubby. I don’t even need a jacket or cardigan where I live in the summer, in fact you would have to be nuts to put one on! can we say humid and hot? 😉 If I were to wear this in a more mild climate in summer, I would probably add a wrap of some sort, or a 3/4 inch sleeve cardi.
 I am also wearing a pair of Guess gold strappy sandal heels here. I carry my id, debit cards and money as well as a lip gloss in  my cute sequin Coach wristlet. 
Coach wristlet and baby locket
I like to wear classic gold or silver hoops a lot, because you can actually see them though my hair (I have a lot) I also have on my baby locket, which I have had all my life.
Summer styling for the “into the woods” dress

In order to extend my dress from the spring/summer season, into fall and winter, I just add black tights, black booties or boots, a wool beret, and a cardigan. It just so happens that I made the cardigan I am wearing here as well!
Fall styling for the “into the woods” dress
 I cinched the cardigan in the middle with a black belt, and presto! My summer dress now can carry on into fall! For winter I would add a long black or tan wool coat, along with a nice scarf and gloves.
Do you extend pieces of your wardrobe? If so, which pieces? Join in the fun, and share!
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  1. That is so cute! It's awesome that it's so versatile and you can wear it different seasons by changing what you wear with it. I'm envious that you can make great things like this!

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