buying our first boat on May 5th, 2012

On May 5th my husband and I became the proud owners of our very first boat.
Living in an area that gets rather warm in summer, and is surrounded by water, it is almost expected to own a water toy of some sort.
For years we talked about purchasing a boat, but were unsure; but after four hot summers, we decided it was a MUST; so we headed to Virginia Beach to Lynnhaven Marine to bring our baby home.
I can’t believe we waited so long.
our boat parked by a sandbar near our home
Life on our boat is amazing. We see dolphins, sea turtles, rays, osprey (they should be the Virginia state bird!) and all sorts of fish whenever we get underway.
Osprey soaring overhead

clouds and osprey
 On a trip to Lake Kerr, we even saw a lone BLACK BEAR swimming in the middle of the lake! How often does one see that???
black bear at Lake Kerr

Camera Shy Black Bear

The Black Bear checking us out!
We have a sandbar that we frequent, where my family catches fish, and I relax on the sand with a book or magazine to catch up on my reading.  We always pack an amazing lunch, with plenty of cold drinks. Life is good on the sandbar.
Our sandbar

Relaxing on the sandbar
Since I am out on the boat all the time, I must have the proper attire. I mentioned in my about page that I have a “bikini addiction”, which is now being properly utilized.
I purchase the bulk of my swimwear from Victoria’s Secret, but I recently added a Luli Fama suit into my collection that I just love. I also make my own swimwear, but have not made any new suits this year yet…I have been too busy on the boat! LOL!
Left-VS swim, Right-Luli Fama

Victorias Secret swimwear

Victorias Secret Swimwear

Ciarra and Soren fishing

Soren enjoying the warm water

Life has changed for the better since buying our boat. We really love summer in Virginia now. If you ever happen to visit here during summer, I highly recommend getting out on the water. The weather is perfect for water sports, and the water temperature is warm.
How do you spend your summer? What do you like to wear? I would love to hear all about it.
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