Stock Photo of the Week

Stock Photo of the week.
Every week I will be posting one of our stock shots. For those of you who do not know what Stock Photography is, it is just about everything you see in day-to-day life. It is used on everything, from cereal boxes, to advertisements, to calendars and editorial pieces. Here is a stock shot of ours that was just used the other day by ABC and CBS news! I found it here and here, and that is not all. I guess this photo was used all across the country, because when I google the article, all the networks come up using this story and image! YAY!

 Most of the time you will never know who is buying your photos, or how they will be used, so every once and a while I will google my name and my husbands, and will find one of our images! Soren’s pictures are big sellers for us. I have also found one of our pictures of him used on a travel blog.(I will post that one another time) Here are some links in which you can get a better look at some of our photos, or purchase them of course 🙂

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