The story behind my DIY shoes

The story behind my DIY shoes
Not too long ago, my family got together to take a family portrait. During the shoot, my daughter, who was wearing a pair of my taupe colored heels, lost her balance, and stumbled right on to my foot. The heel of her shoe came down on my toe so hard that it almost poked all the way through my brand new pair of nude heels. I was pretty upset considering they had never been worn before, and the mark from her heel was pretty darn obvious. Being a natural at DIY projects, I decided to take lemons and turn them to lemonade so to speak.
I first looked into “blinging” my shoes out with genuine Swarovski crystals, but just on the tips of the toes and the heels. After much research on this subject, I decided against it, considering when all was said and done, the crystals and supplies would have cost more than I paid for the shoes. I don’t do “cheap” when it comes to embellishments. I wanted them to look classy, and not tacky.
The crystal idea what out, so what to do??? It was then I recalled seeing a pin on Pinterest on “DIY cap toe shoes”. This was the answer!
My husband and I went into Michaels, bought some high-gloss black spray paint to match the patent leather shine of my heels, some high-gloss protective coat to spray on after the black paint dried, and then some hot pink paint for the soles of the shoes. That was my twist to the project. I love pink.
The shoes came out great! Now you do not notice the mark from the portrait incident. I love them!
My DIY cap toe heels

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  1. Being that I'm a spaz in no shoes at all, and can pretty much trip on air, I'd fall and break my neck in those things! ^^; But you did a great job, and those shoes are gorgeous! I love the pink!

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