Andy Warhol exhibit

Today I went with my family to check out the Andy Warhol exhibit at the MOCA museum in Virginia Beach.

MOCA museum in Virginia Beach, VA

I studied Andy in school, because he started out working as a fashion illustrator.

Andy’s fashion illustrations…

Here are a few of the portraits I saw today. My favorite was of Jane Fonda. The color was just so amazing, and she looks fabulous.


JACKIE-O!!! she rocks.


GODDESS…need I say more?

Yves Saint Laurent

Can you say “purple rain”???

Carolina Herrera…So pretty!

Tina Chow

Getting the gallery ready for the exhibit

My family and I really enjoy going to museums viewing various works of art. This was fun because so many of the subjects were people we recognized.


My favorite of the day…Jane Fonda

If you have not visited your local art museums, you need to go and check them out. Support artists!
Until next post, have a fabulous weekend!

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  1. Hi Amy,

    could you help out? I really liked this blog entry of yours and I was wandering are the pictures you posted of the Andy Warhol paintings actual photos of the exhibits or just images of the same paintings which were exibited?

    I was wandering if you remember seeing the blue portrait of YSL? It's a favourite of mine and am trying to find out where it is, maybe it's still in MOCA ?? Hope you can help,

  2. All of the portraits here were in the exhibit. I was not able to photograph them (no photography allowed). I went to see the paintings last year, so you would need to check to see where the exhibit is now.
    Thanks for stopping by

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