Going through my fabric stash…

Today I pulled out a bunch of the fabrics in my fabric stash to evaluate what I have to work with for future projects.
I have a lot of one and two yard fabric pieces, and still a few coat fabrics that I need to use up.
I also have quite a few knits in various colors, and I am still trying to decide if I want to use them for tops or dresses or both!
A lot of my fabric comes from Mood Fabrics in New York, which I purchase online.

 I also have a lot of fabrics from Fabric.com, and others that I purchased at Britex in San Francisco, when I lived in Marin county, CA.
Here are just a few of the fabrics that are in my fabric stash…

Just a few of the Chiffons and Crepes I have

Just some laces, and cotton with lace

various linen, taffeta, knits, and cottons


Some chiffon and wool tweeds

knits from cotton and wool

polka dots!

I have a LOT more fabric than this, but rather than taking pictures of it, I would rather just make it into garments and post for you to see!

I hope everyone is having a fabulous Friday!!
Until next post…

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