Good Morning to everyone out there!
On this sunny Monday morning it is back to the regular work schedule for me. I will be sewing, and should hopefully have more than one project done today! YAY!
I am hoping that this week or weekend I will be shooting some location pictures of Ciarra in her dress. I also added another faux fur to my list of coat fabrics! Working with faux fur is pretty fun, and something new for me, so I really want to make another jacket, but this time possibly a little longer in length. Here is the fur on my list of “to do” for my second faux fur coat….

As you can see there are shades of grey, cream, and camel, as well as a little black in this faux fur. The pile is 2 inches, so it should make for a nice shaggy look. I love it.

I am in the process of sipping my jasmine tea while I type. I like to look for pretty wallpapers for my desktop while I sip tea sometimes. This morning I needed some extra motivation, so I decided to look up sunrise wallpapers. Here are some of my favorites that I found this morning…

I hope your morning is off to a fabulous start!! Have a cup of tea and take in some fresh morning air today. May your day be filled with productivity and happiness!!
Until next post

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