Good Morning…

It is work as usual around here this morning. Working out, eating breakfast, working with my son, and then finally working on my garments.
I received a Newark Dressmaker supply catalog in the mail the other day. I love looking at all the notions and tools they have. There is always something new that I add to my “list” of goodies! LOL
I also love Manhattan Wardrobe supply. They have a great selection of tools and hard to find items. I have shopped with them quite a bit.

This morning I was looking at some fall wallpapers to add to my desktop. Here are a few that I found…

This was taken in Vermont




Confetti color!



Yes please…I would like to have dinner here.

Great reflections!

Yellow splendor!

Yes…i wish that was me riding my bike!

Nice light!

I love orange!

I love how moody this one is!

I have this one on my Ipad

This is the one I picked for today!

My son just looked at all these pictures…He says “these are pretty!” I agree!
Looking forward to fall color.
Until next post,

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