My Grandmother’s fabric

This past Saturday I went to my mother’s house for a visit. She invited me over to go through the fabric’s she had in her office, much of which once belonged to my grandmother. I called my grandmother “Gina” because I could not say her name correctly (Virginia). Gina was a wonder with a needle and thread, and could knit and crochet beautifully. She made many a dress for her daughters, and clothes and blankets for her grandkids. I still have an amazing black ball gown she made for me my sophomore year in high school. I can still fit into it, and in the future I plan on wearing it for the next formal occasion that comes up.

Ciarra, Gina and Soren
Gina when she was young

Gina in her cute sweater outfit

Gina’s house

Gina eating her cake at my mom’s wedding. She is wearing a purple suit she made

Me as a tot at Gina’s house

Me one Christmas at Gina’s house.

I most likely get my love of sewing and anything to do with couture from Gina. While we talked and went through the fabrics, my mom told me a few things about my Gina that I did not know, like how she loved fall colors! I always knew she loved purple and lavender, but I had no idea she loved the same fall colors that I love! I was pleased to hear this, and it became more obvious as we were going though some of her needlework. There was a lot of orange, rust, browns and golds.
A lot of the fabrics that my mother had that belonged to my Gina were from the 1960’s, and a few from the 50’s and also the 70’s. There was eyelet, corduroy, velveteen, crepe, cottons, and knits. There was quite a few yards of a purple floral chintz, and the first thing that popped into my head when I saw it was “Madmen” and “Betty Draper”. I know that if you wash Chintz it will remove the shiny glaze, and so I decided to give that a try to see how it would come out. After I washed it, I had a 60’s floral print on a crisp cotton with no shine…it was perfect for a dress now.

1960’s purple floral fabric. I will use this to make a madmen style dress

Did anyone shop here? I could not imagine childhood without this place!

Lavender eyelet

Vintage print fabric

If I recall, my Gina had a dress made from this back in the 40’s

Groovy Crepe

A T-shirt kit!!

possible idea for 60’s purple floral

more ideas


Betty and Don 


I had a really good time going through the fabric with my mother. We had fun looking “through the past” and talking about my grandmother and childhood. I felt as if my Gina was there with us as we unfolded yard by yard, and admired all the needlework, and knitting she had created.
I plan on creating several garments and accessories from these amazing vintage fabrics. I dedicate all I create to Gina. I miss her all the time, but I know she will live on with every stitch I sew, and every row I knit. Thank you mom, and thank you Gina for the wonderful fabrics, and for the love and inspiration.
These garments and this blog are dedicated to you!

Until next post,
May you all be blessed with inspiration and love,

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  1. Dearest Daughter!

    I can never tell enough how proud I am of you and how proud, I'm SURE, Gina is of you. You are doing an amazing job of this blog!!! Love you lots and can't wait for the next one! Good job!!


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