My new necklace….

This past week, we had a bit of crummy weather, so we spent a little time indoors.
I decided to hang out with my daughter in her room, watch old Supernatural episodes on my ipad, while making some new jewelry.
I fell in love with two different necklaces I found on the internet, and these were what inspired me to create my necklace. I took a little bit of the style from each of the necklaces and meshed them together to create my new piece.

Necklace I used for inspiration

I loved how the coins look on the chain

I have had some aqua rectangular beads I bought in Yorktown about 2 years ago, just waiting to be used. I also had some pretty milky aqua Swarovski crystals and some mother of pearl paillettes as well.
I used some silver chain and some eyepins to put together my necklace.
Here is what I used:

Silver chain, aqua rectangular beads, crystals. I put eyepins through the beads to attach to the cut segments of chain

mother of pearl paillettes

I cut the chain in the spaces where I wanted to place the crystals or rectangle beads, and then attached each end of the eyepin to the chain to fill in the space. for the paillettes I just attached a smaller jump ring, which I made, to the chain and the paillette. It took a little while to complete, because I made the jump rings, and had to create eyes, and one end of the eyepin for the opposite ends. I think the finished product came out great! stay tuned for images of my necklace being worn with some outfits!

My finished necklace! I can’t wait to wear it.

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!!
Until next post!

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