Project updates…

Yesterday I completed the dress I was making for Ciarra. It looks so cute on her! It is made of a tiny floral print on black cotton. It is a really subtle print, and the dress can be worn in spring, summer or fall. We bought a wide belt and some really CUTE shoes to go with it. We will be shooting pictures this weekend of the completed outfit, so stay tuned! 🙂
I am about to finish up my chocolate and black faux fur jacket. I just need to put in the lining and hem it today. I want to make sure it is done so I can begin cutting out other projects tomorrow. I hope to cut more than one thing tomorrow. Cutting is one of the most time consuming parts of putting a garment together, besides drafting the pattern.

Ciarra’s dress fabric

My faux fur jacket fabric

I will be probably cutting out my silk dress (it is a beautiful orange and black!) as well as my plaid coat, and my long black wool coat. I have some other peplum tops I need to cut, but I am waiting on a few supplies before I get to work on that.

I hope you are having a fabulous day today,
Until next post…

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