Rainy Day…

Yesterday we had a photo shoot for two new dresses that I made for Ciarra. The day started out overcast, and by the time we had eaten and prepped everything for the shoot, it began to rain!
We decided to shoot anyway, and work with the weather.
When you have overcast conditions, it is like having a giant soft box, so the lighting is really nice. Pair this with wet roads, and beautiful trees, and you have an amazing backdrop for pictures.
This afternoon I will be working with my husband to process the pictures we took. I loved the location we chose. It worked nicely with what we were wearing (yes, I am in a few of the shots too)

This morning I woke up late. The weather is kicking my tush! It is STILL raining, and so dark in my house. It is one of those days when you just want to curl up with a cup of tea, and a big warm quilt, and just watch old movies, or read a good book.

I am in the process of drinking my jasmine tea, and of course, I decided to look at pictures online. Today the theme is “Rainy Day”.
Here are some of the pictures I liked best today that I found.
So grab yourself a cup of tea or cocoa, and enjoy my rainy day with me!

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