Show and tell Saturday at Sew Country Chick

There is a wonderful lady named Justine who has a blog named Sew Country Chick. On Saturday’s she has a “Show and tell” segment, where other creative bloggers can post their latest works, and comment on other poster’s projects. Come and support the creative blogger community, and post your projects to show and tell!
Today I posted the Cherry Sprinkles Dress that I made for Ciarra. To see it at show and tell click HERE.

Today we have a LOT of rain and thunder and wind. This makes for a very lazy relaxed Saturday morning for me. I have a lot of sewing and creating to do, but the weather is making me move at a glacial pace! LOL!

Rainy Day set from Polyvore

Dotted wellies!



I hope you have a fabulous Saturday, and if you are living in my area, stay dry!

Until next post,

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