There is a group of swans that live in the Milford Haven/Gwynn’s Island area where we go boating all the time.
I have been wanting to capture some images of these beautiful birds for a while now, but they always seem to be in flight when I see them, or other boaters scare them off before I can get close enough to get a few snapshots.
The other day we had perfect weather, and so we decided to head out in the late afternoon to go for a boat ride, and play on the sandbar a while. It was a GORGEOUS afternoon! and so peaceful. There were only a few fishermen out, and most everyone was on there way home to dock their boats.
It was on our way to our sand bar that I spotted the swans. FINALLY! I got my pictures. Now I know when to go out, and where to go in order to photograph these lovely creatures. They are a bit shy, so I could only get so close. I hope to get more pictures of them in the future.


swan parade!

look at my feathers!

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