Another fun nail polish and schedule for the week

This weekend while shopping at Target, I came across another magnetic nail polish. This one is made by Sinful Colors and it is their ‘Sinfully Magnetic’ polish. I bought the ‘Polar opposites’ color.
Instead of making a wave like design like the Sally Hansen polish, this one makes a star burst! I love it.
You have to apply your layers a bit on the thick side when using a magnetic polish, and you need to do one nail at a time when applying your “magnetic layer”. If you try and apply “thin layers” then it will not come out right.
I came across a tutorial showing how to apply the exact polish I bought on youtube. Here is the video for your viewing pleasure!

You can NOT be in a rush when applying a magnetic polish of any kind. You need to relax and take your time.
So put on a favorite movie, or some great music, grab your manicure supplies and paint away!

Speaking of magnetic polish…check out this blog! (click here) I have got to get to Sally Beauty supply and pick up some of this…I love the diagonal stripes!

From the In Pursuit of Polish blog


This week is proving to be a busy one already, and it is just getting started for me!
Wednesday I have a lunch with all the people who work with my husband. It is a “meet and greet” sort of deal. On Thursday I start school again, get my hair done, and then celebrate my mom’s birthday!! whew! a lot going on there!!!
As for my silk dress, I had to grab a couple of things this weekend to complete it. I am going to re-name this dress “the dress from hell” because it is proving to be real tricky and very “temperamental” so to speak. Everyone who has put garments together over a period of years will run into one that is just a “pain in the tush”…this would be mine! LOL! But like Tim Gunn always says…”Make it work”, and so I am!

Tim Gunn

I will be working on pictures (FINALLY) of the dress this week. Then towards the end of the week I will be cutting, sewing and working on MANY new things…again…time to take a breath here…I think I need to go do some yoga…LOL.
Again… to remind myself….

I swear…I think Tim Gunn was a mother of several children in a past life…because this could be the motto of every busy mom out there!

But some wear fabulous couture! 😉

This is EXACTLY how I feel about my kids

I hope everyone out there had a fabulous three day weekend. For those of you out there going back to school this week, learn well and have fun! good luck to you this coming year.

Until next post…

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