Autumn silk boho dress

FINALLY! I have it finished and posted!!!

Here is the Silk habotai dress that I have been working on. If you have been reading this blog, then you know what hell this thing gave me while it was being created. While the dress design itself is not that complex, the fabric choice WAS. I made a ball gown entirely of silk charmeuse, and I had ZERO problems sewing it up…but this silk…UGH!! it was a mega pain! It would pucker, slip, slide, and do EVERYTHING except what I wanted it to do. I am so HAPPY that I am done with this thing.

Dress in the first phase of construction

What attracted me to this fabric was the bright vibrant color, and I happen to love silk. It is so pleasant against the skin, and it breathes and flows so beautifully with movement. I bought this fabric online almost two years ago, and finally I just got around to using it.

When we went to shoot pictures, we arrived at the first location around 4:15pm. After about 5 minutes of being outside the car, we were being attacked by tons of mosquitoes. This was probably due to the horrible humidity! There was a thunderstorm on the way. It figures that on the day I choose to shoot pictures, that the weather would be steamy hot (when it has been rather mild lately!)

First location shoot
quick! the swarm is coming!
What was that buzzing past my eye?

I am moving away…too many bugs!

meet you at the car!

After a few shots taken at the “graffiti overpass” as I am calling it, we could not take the blood sucking bugs another second, so we literally RAN for the car, and got the heck out of there.

Once we arrived at the second location (where we took pictures of Ciarra in the Cherry Sprinkles Dress) John quickly started shooting, for fear the blood sucking vermin would return. Luckily we got a whole 15 minutes “pest free” this time, before the second swarm of nasties started to chomp. This was a speedy photo shoot. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Second location shoot

I think the dress came out ok, and I love the way it looks with the hat and boots. I think John did a nice job with the pictures despite being bitten many times. Thank you so much my love for helping me! Sorry you were dinner for the bugs!

Finally at home…no bugs biting here!

Happy to be done with the dress!

Until next post

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