Ciarra’s favorite finds…Lush Woodland set on Polyvore

Here is the latest set I created on Polyvore.

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I saw the sweater in the set a few times before on Polyvore, and fell in love with its unusual color. I love it paired with the leather jacket, and you already can guess how I feel about the boots. I love to hike and bike through the forest, so this picture puts a smile on my face. I really only like cross-body bags, and I adore the color of peridots. In all I would say this set is totally me on a casual day.

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I really like what Ciarra came up with here. I have never seen a sweater that is colored in this way! I find it totally unique, and I would love to have one. Has anyone out there ever seen a sweater like this before? or better yet, know how to make one?? I would love to hear your feedback, so leave me a comment here.

Detail of Avant Toi Moss Cashmere Sweater

Interesting dye process

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