Happy Saturday…

Are you all enjoying your Labor day weekend? So far ours started out with a long day on the boat yesterday. We had a good time swimming, sunning, fishing, and playing with jelly fish! LOL…before you think I am out of my mind, these jelly fish were about the size of a quarter, they glowed, and DID NOT STING. There were schools of them all over in the river, and they were just beautiful.
Unfortunately I only got one image with my lousy camera phone, of one my husband was holding in his hand. Yes, he let it swim away!

Jelly fish! looks like a giant drop of water. They look amazing swimming around.

I also took a bunch of pictures of the river and John took some of the sandbar and boat, which I will post a little later.
Here are a couple he took with his work phone yesterday.

 Today is also “show and tell” Saturday at Sew Country Chick. Today I posted my houndstooth dress. You can visit, and post something that you have made, by clicking HERE.

I am just waiting on putting the zipper into my silk dress so I can finally shoot some pictures of it. Today we found a great shooting location for the pictures. I look forward to getting them posted up as soon as possible.

I have to get back to work now on cutting out a top! I hope you are all having a fabulous weekend. More pictures to post later.
Until next post!

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