Happy Wednesday…again?

I can’t believe it is already Wednesday again…time is flying by for me it seems. Didn’t I just write my last Happy Wednesday post the other day? LOL!

The weather here is making me want to eat comfort food, and cuddle up on the couch. I am having difficulties with getting motivated in the morning these past few days.
This morning was a little different though. I read through my journalism class module, and then actually made the baked pumpkin donut holes I blogged about the other day. My review of the recipe?….YUMMY! they came out great!!! I snapped a shot of them quickly with my camera phone (my new phone arrives soon! HOORAY!) I didn’t feel like digging out the photography equipment, so excuse the poor quality of the photo here (see? motivation! LOL) If you would like to see the post and recipe link for the donut holes, click the link under the donut holes pic.

click HERE for blog entry with recipe link

Today I shared the “bit of Fangtasia” and the “Cherry sprinkles dress” on the Sew Much Ado blog link party. If you would like to share your creations or just look around, please click the link below the icon.

click HERE to join the party

Ciarra will be working on a new Polyvore set today, I am continuing my coat projects, and I will be shooting a couple of pictures. What are you up to today?? Please do share! leave a comment.

Have a fabulous day!
Until next post

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