Happy Wednesday(‘s) LOL…get your groove on…

When ever I hear “Happy Wednesday” I immediately think back to my clubbing days when I was younger. My friends and I would head to a club, which was located under the pier in my hometown.
It was a blast. What a time we would have dancing the night away…This was the early 90’s, and I could sum up the time period with one song…”Everybody’s free” by Rozalla.
I bet if you went out during this time…then you know this song…So for your flashback listening pleasure here you go…

And for a few friends of mine…these two songs will also bring back major memories to that time period…
Charly by the Prodigy, and Dominator by Human resource

Or how about this one?? I am totally dating myself here…don’t you just love youtube!


OK…I am having fun now…Just close your eyes…drop the bass!!

LOL!!! these songs are classic to me…they make me think of fun good times, glow sticks, fugly hats, bump toe shoes, backpacks, shirtless guys in baseball hats, overalls with not much else under them, white gloves, WHISTLES and lollypops!…yes rave gear.

Here is a song I will add just for good measure…I workout to this one sometimes…


However you are spending your Wednesday, make sure to get your groove on while doing it!

Until next post

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