Marvelous Monday yet again…

Hello Monday….

It is the start of another busy week, with so much to do, and not enough hours in the day to do it all!
Sound familiar? I know I am not alone on this…

This week sometime I will be shooting pictures of my dark chocolate faux fur jacket. I am still in the process of styling it. There are so many colors and garments that work with it, that it is hard to choose! I might pick more than one outfit, to show the versatility of this simple and classic jacket.

Dark Chocolate faux fur jacket fabric

I love how warm and comfortable the jacket is. My son just loves to hug it! LOL!
I also am in the process of looking for a location to shoot the pictures. I don’t want to use the same location that we have used for the past few shoots. It is time to mix it up! 🙂

I also discovered a couple of new link parties at The girl Creative, and Sew Chatty. Both blogs are neat because people post all sorts of things, not just sewing or craft projects, but also FOOD! yay! I love to cook, so it is nice to see such a diverse crowd posting up things they have created.
 Come join the fun and post your creation. Today I posted  “a bit of Fangtasia”

Ciarra in the “bit of Fangtasia” outfit I made

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