My “Dark Chocolate faux fur jacket”

Here is my “Dark Chocolate Faux Fur Jacket”. I have never worked with faux fur before, so this was a first for me. I chose a really simple design to work with, and I knew I wanted something I could just throw on and wear with jeans. Like I said before in earlier posts, I bought this fur a few years ago, and it was taking up a lot of space in my stash closet! faux furs are bulky when being stored, and this one is short pile! imagine if it was a long pile (like the fur that is currently on backorder for me. It ships this weekend I think) I needed space for other things, so this fur had to be utilized.
The coat came out very comfortable and warm. I am just not used to wearing things like this! LOL. The nature of this faux fur jacket is to be a bit “boxy” so to speak. At first I was not sure if I had put the jacket together right! LOL! So I did a search on the internet to make sure of fit. ( like I said, I have never worked with f.fur before) Sure enough, I was spot on. Here is a Leopard print faux fur coat by Bluemarine (link to purchase is below) It fits in the shoulders and neck, exactly like my coat does. The Blumarine coat is also a shorter pile like mine, but longer in length. It is funny because the long pile fur that is coming to me though UPS, is going to be made into a coat that is the same length as this Bluemarine coat.

Blumarine coat at Neiman Marcus

With short pile fur, you can really see the structure of the coat. I really like Blumarine’s designs. Every season I see items I would just love to add to my wardrobe.

And here is my jacket….

It works with jeans
Warm and ready for the cold

The day we shot these pictures, I was not hot at all wearing this! I love it when the seasons just “click” into place, and you first really notice just how they have changed.

And so there is another addition to the “Coat Project” for fall/winter 2012-13. I am about to be done with my plaid coat which I have named “The Cabin 8 coat”.

I am REALLY EXCITED about another project in the works! I am re-creating the set I made yesterday on Polyvore! I am making a black peplum sweater to go with my orange coat! I can not stop thinking about that “Stroll through the park in Autumn” set! It makes me so happy looking at it, and when I was creating it, I was having “intuitive” thoughts popping into my head like crazy. I just know something “good” is on the way! With me, I will get strong feelings when I meet someone, enter a building or look at certain imagery, then ideas or feelings will come rushing over me (good or sometimes bad as a warning) And while creating that set yesterday, I felt like I was going to come out of my skin with excitement, especially when I found the pug dog to add to the set. I have some changes coming into my life in the near future here, and the excitement I feel, has something to do with that. I don’t want to jinx myself so I will stop right here, but if I am correct, then I will certainly be posting about it in this blog!

The fall equinox is tomorrow! I will be posting up my fall feast recipes and sharing some more favorites from the Spring 2013 runways!

Until next post,

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  1. Thank you Justine. ๐Ÿ™‚ The fur gets a little "slippery" at times. I have some long pile fur, that I will most definitely need to baste up before I stitch up the seams.

  2. Thank you Nikell ๐Ÿ™‚ I actually have another in the works with a long pile fur. I just received the fabric on Thursday, and I was so pleased to see how high quality and substantial it was. I highly recommend Fabric Empire for faux fur. They have some amazing things, and they shipped to me on time.

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