Rainy Day Tuesday-Fall updates, feasts, and creative itch!

It’s Tuesday and thus begins my second week of school. I have papers to work on this week, and lots of sewing and cooking to do. ๐Ÿ™‚
This Saturday is the official start to the fall season! The fall equinox! YAY! Time for our annual “fall feast”. Every year on the fall equinox we cook up a big dinner, complete with homemade applesauce, my gruyere potatoes, and some form of butternut squash. The main course has been different over the years, everything from tofurkey to roast chicken. This year we will be having pork almondine, which is one of our old favorites. Dessert will be an ‘old school’ favorite of my husband’s and mine…spice cake! When John and I were first together (almost 20 years ago now!) I used to make spice cake for him all the time. We liked to eat it hot, with a dab of butter spread on. My friend Erin, who grew up next door to me, was the one who introduced me to spice cake eaten warm with butter. Thanks Erin for the share! It is yummy, and a family classic now ๐Ÿ™‚ This year I will probably make the cake into cupcakes, and frost them with a maple buttercream. I am not sure though, I will look into options. I am also open to suggestions! If you have one, please leave me a comment below.

Every morning I check the weather before I do anything else on my computer. When I brought up weather.com, I was excited to see the article they had up about this year’s foliage season. It looks like we are in for some really beautiful bright colors. This pleases me to no end! ๐Ÿ™‚

Pictures are already coming in of color change!

I love Fall!!

Today we have a bit of rainy stormy weather here. Last night it rained, so when my husband opened the door this morning, you could feel the moisture in the air. It was a little muggy, but not bad. When it gets like this, thunderstorms will definitely be arriving.

This Tuesday also brings me to the blog Creative itch. Today is a linky party, which is for sewing projects only. If you have a sewing project you would like to share, come upload a photo of it, and join the party! Today I posted the autumn silk boho dress, and Ciarra in her bit of Fangtasia outfit that I made. To visit the creative itch blog, just click the link below the icon.

Creative Itch blog

It is time to make another cup of jasmine tea, and get to work on reading my school modules for this week.
Stay tuned for upcoming photos of the chocolate faux fur jacket!
Until next post

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