Spring 2013 RTW and Thursday postings…

Today I wanted to share a couple of looks from the Spring 2013 collections. These are but a few of the designers showing at fashion week. There are SO MANY to look at, that I would literally be sitting here all day and night going through them! Since the idea of sitting here for 12 hours is not practical, I look at a few here and there each day. Today I will share some of the Gucci and Alice+Oliva looks that I found interesting. If you want to see the whole line of either one of these, you can go HERE for Gucci, and HERE for Alice + Olivia.

First up is Alice+Olivia…so cute and fun!

And now for the Gucci…very 70’s glamour…

OMG…hello 1972!

And these are but a few of the items in these collections. I will post some more from other designers tomorrow.

Today is “make it wear it Thursday” at The Train to Crazy blog. I posted up the “bit of fangtasia” outfit there. If you want to post your latest garment you have made, just click the link under the icon below.

click HERE to visit the party

If you are reading my blog on a regular basis, please do add comments, and lets start a discussion! don’t be shy. ๐Ÿ™‚ I would love to meet you! Old friends are encouraged to leave comments as well ๐Ÿ™‚

It’s back to work for me!!
I hope your week has been going well.
Until next post,

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