Staying “fashionably fit”

Staying fit and healthy is a big part of my life. If I don’t workout I feel awful, and I am a total grouch! In order to keep fit, I make an appointment with myself, and schedule NOTHING else during that time! No kids, no school, no housework or anything else! I just DO IT!

When you make exercise a priority in your life, like you would anything else of importance, it gets done! There are NO EXCUSES for not making it happen. A healthy body is a healthy mind.
To stay motivated with my workouts I am constantly switching it up. We have a gym set up in our garage, with weights and cardio equipment. After I had kids it was harder to get to a gym, so I made NO excuses for myself, and brought the gym to me instead! 
I lift weights, use cardio equipment, use DVD’s, mountain bike, go for walks/hikes, and I trail run.
I also add yoga in here and there, because keeping flexible is key in having a long and mobile life.
My daughter and a few years ago running at point reyes, CA

Get outside and move!
Everyone out there can find a form of exercise that will work for them. Even in snow, you can get a good workout in. I adore cross-country skiing! Talk about a serious kick-butt workout! you will never sweat so much, or burn as many calories, and it is FUN! I love to glide through trails in the snow…it is so invigorating!
One of our stock shots HERE of me x-country skiing! 
In the cooler seasons, my garage gets pretty chilly….or rather like a large freezer! we have a space heater, but it does not work that great, and I end up switching my workouts to the afternoon when it warms up a bit. In the mornings it is just too darn cold, and so I switch to DVD’s inside the house.
Some of the DVD workouts I use a lot are Insanity, P90X,and the Brazilian butt lift. You can purchase both at The Brazilian butt lift is for days that I want a workout, but need to tone it down a bit. I use the High and tight, bum bum, and the tummy tuck mostly. 
Click HERE to buy these workouts

I also use my Xbox kinect! we have the “Fitness evolved” “Zumba” and “Dance central”. These are fun to do, and my kids often join in. We also like to play Dance Central when we have company over! Everyone has a good time and laugh like crazy.
There are many things you can do to keep active, and walking and running are FREE! so are push ups, pull ups, crunches/sit ups and yoga! JUST DO IT!
Make sure your nutrition is up to par as well. Nutrition is 80-85% of your results! Eating a bunch of junk, will only keep you from achieving any results. Learn about clean eating, and for more information on nutrition click HERE or HERE.
This is great advice to follow
I am in the process of making out a new workout plan to follow (it is time to switch it up again!) I will usually make up a workout schedule that I will follow for 8 to 12 weeks. My plan changes according to season and school semester. This semester I am getting all my school work done really early in the mornings, so I usually get my workout in around 8:30am. I find that when I get my workout over with early in the morning, I can stick to my plan much easier. I also end up feeling more energized through the day. In the afternoons when my husband gets home, we will go for bike rides or workout in our gym.
Since the weather is mild right now, I want to get as many outdoor workouts in as possible! I just love to bike through the woods. It is so relaxing and my kids just love it.
Whatever you do, make sure you schedule “workout appointments” with yourself. You will NEVER regret a workout!

TRUE! lol!


AMEN!! this is true for everything in life!





Have a healthy and fit day!
Until next post 

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  1. Great motivational post Amy! πŸ˜‰
    Love the "Running is a pain in the ass" quote…
    I also think being fit and healthy is important! Any thing that sharpens your body (not only makes your clothes fit better!!) also sharpens your mind.

    By the way I am off to my Underwater Hockey training!
    Love, Rita

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