Sunday funday…and hiking the last hours of summer

Considering this was the first official weekend of autumn, my family and I headed out for a bike ride.

The high today was only 70 degrees. A lovely day! In the shade I was actually chilly! 
It feels wonderful to be out on our bikes, with the cool air whipping though our hair. I just love fall!
Here are some images we took during the last hours of summer. We went for a walk at a large nature park near our home. There are miles of trails, and a lake (no gas boats allowed!) I took some of the following pictures with John’s I phone, while he shot pictures with our good camera.
entrance to hiking and multi use trails



So cute!

Ciarra and Soren

My Soren

A turtle was checking us out and then went under the water just as I took the pic!


Amazing fungus!

I love the way this looks…

I am calling this the zombie mushroom!

Types of trees in the park

pretty butterfly


Me shooting the shrooms!

Walking with the kids

I love this…John took this pic

Until next post…
Enjoy Autumn!!

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