A walk in the rain…

Here are the images that were taken on our walk in the rain yesterday.
Near our home is a very large nature park that we frequent. When we set out to get some fresh air yesterday, the rain had stopped. It was still very wet, and chilly out though, and so we dressed accordingly. About 15 minutes into our walk, it started raining once again. We walked a bit further, and then decided to turn back, as the downpour became a bit heavy, and John did not want the camera equipment to become too saturated.
We saw a woman, with her daughter walking their dog, and a man on a jog, but that was it. We pretty much had the park to ourselves.
The smell of rain hitting the earth was strong and sweet smelling…it was nice. The trees did a decent job of sheltering us from a lot of the rain, so we did not get as soaked as if we were standing directly out under it.
We love taking walks in the rain…what about you?

You can see color coming in!

Some photos taken with the Iphone, others with our Canon.

Have fun on your next walk in the rain…
Until next post

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  1. Believe it or not, a lot of the pictures here were taken with an Iphone! The others were taken with a Canon 5D Mark II.
    We like to go out after it rains (and in this case during!) to shoot the plants, fungus and creatures that come out after the rain stops. Everything looks so vibrant then as well. We have a good time with it 🙂
    Thank you for the compliments.

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