Back from our trip to Fairy Stone State Park and Cabin 8

We are back from our trip to Cabin 8 at fairy Stone state park. It was a lovely, but too short trip. The fall color was amazing, and the charm and beauty of the park really won us over.
I have a ton of pictures I have to go through, edit and then choose which to post. I will be making the official post from our trip later. I came home to find that there is a hurricane headed towards us, but the weather models “can’t decide” where exactly it is going to hit! Any sort of weather like this=POWER OUT, which means no running water or internet. I am hoping the power will NOT go out, and this storm will just go out to sea (I am sure I am not alone in wishing that!) I also have a mid-term to take and all my school to turn in today, so I really need to get to work. I also have the finishing touches on my orange coat to work head is just swimming right now! I just wish we could go back to Cabin 8!
Here are a couple on panorama shots I took while on our trip. I will be posting more pictures later.

Cabin 8 has been there a really long, long time (since the park opened in the 30’s) Generations of families have made memories in this cabin. You can just feel the love and positive energy when you are there. It is a most beloved place. Fairy Stone has won my family over, and we left a little piece of our hearts there when we left.
More pictures to come!
Until next post

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