Carter Mountain Orchard visit

As I have mentioned a few times before, this past weekend we took a trip to Carter Mountain Orchards in Charlottesville, VA.
It was a warm and sunny day…and a weekend,which always means crowds. Normally my family and I do not visit any place that will draw crowds like this on a weekend. Usually we use the weekends for bike rides, hanging out or sometimes a boat ride.
The land where the orchard sits is just beautiful. There are sweeping views to the valleys below. I used to live across the street from “mini mountains” as I like to call them, so getting to be at higher elevations makes me happy.
After the orchard we went wine tasting at the Jefferson Vineyards. What a GORGEOUS property! After our tasting we sat out on the grass, took in the view, drank a bottle of wine and had lunch. After that we stopped at an old mountain village, which is now a tourist spot, and shopped a little and looked around. It was a lovely way to end the week.
Here are some of the pictures we took at the orchard:

View from one of the rows

John taking pics of Soren

My boo bear!

hhmmmm…which one?

Ah Ha!

I think I’ll take this one!


These were ok…I have to say that the ones we had in MA were better!

Baby Apples

Grandma and Grandpa

John and I

Rusty old chevy…

Soren and the old car

From out the car window as we were driving

One of the roads going down the mountain

CROWDS! and this was only one angle!

From off the observation deck

Now on the other side of the mountain



I got one

Ciarra and I

Mom and I


And that was our apple picking adventure…
I will post pics of the winery and village in the next post
Have a great Wednesday!
Until next post,

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