Holly Fork pumpkin patch,and updates

Next Wednesday is Halloween! I can’t believe it…this month has just flown by. My neighbor has already started his Christmas decor set up! He does this every year, and his entire house is covered in lights. People come from all over to drive down my street to check out his house. I will be posting pictures, and possibly some video of that later on down the road.

We went to look for Soren’s costume items for Halloween this year, and instead of ending up with werewolf supplies, we ended up walking out with a pair of horns and red makeup. I will let you guess what he is going to be instead! πŸ˜‰

My family and I have been so incredibly busy. Between school, errands, and then festivities, there is barely enough time to stop and take a breath!  We went to the pumpkin patch on Friday. We were supposed to go to Belmont pumpkin farm, but that did not happen. They changed their hours to weekends only, and we only had Friday to go. We instead went to Holly Fork Pumpkin Patch. It is this cute little farm in New Kent county, and the owners are the nicest people you could meet. We had a nice time picking out pumpkins, checking out the farm animals, and pumpkin chucking! LOL! Here are some pictures of our pumpkin picking adventure…

pumpkin chucking with little pumpkins

Hay ride

It was a nice day to visit the farm. We are lucky to be in such close proximity to open spaces and farm land. It is good for our kids, and good for stress levels.

We will be headed to the cabin soon, and I will be taking loads of pictures while there. I was fixing some things on my orange coat yesterday. This project has proven to be time consuming, and is not without its problems. I had to totally fix the collar, which did not go on right, and today I have to put in the button holes and finish the lining. Hopefully I get this done before lunch.
I have a ton of stuff today to do, so it is time to get cracking!
I hope you are all having a nice start to the week,
Until next post,

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  1. The trees here look amazing! I should get some great pictures here in the next few days. I adore going to the pumpkin patch. We always have such a great time. I bet your kids love it too! πŸ™‚

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