My Iphone pictures from Photowalk 2012

Here are my Iphone pictures from Photowalk 2012 at Colonial Williamsburg, VA. We had SUCH A GREAT TIME! what a fantastic group of people we met. We hope to meet up with all of them again soon.
We also have pictures from Ciarra’s iphone, Soren’s pictures he took with the 20D and the pictures John took with the Mark II 5D. Even though subjects will be repeated, it is interesting to see how different people interpret different subjects. Those pictures will be posted here soon.

Since these are just my iphone pictures, I totally messed around with filters and effects. I normally don’t do this when I process pics, but I wanted to play around and have some fun! 😉

Odin the husky!

Soren ready to shoot!

The Palace

The Green

Getting ready to storm the palace!

Cool dude

Osage orange

My buddy General Lafayette. My brain froze when trying to speak to him in french! it was hilarious!

BACON! lol!

I love how this one came out. I am framing this for my wall!

Soren in the stocks!! Ciarra loving it!

Dog Street Pub! Our group had the whole basement!

We had the best time, with some great people!!! More pictures to come.
Until next post

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