Our trip to Fairy Stone State Park Cabin 8

Here are the pictures from our trip to Fairy Stone State Park Cabin 8. We had such a great time, and can’t wait to return again.
Cabin 8 has a certain serenity to it, and a real sense of history. Generations of families have spent many vacations here over decades. In the cabin journals that are waiting for you to read and to write in, we read of many families who have been coming back over through their childhood, to now come with  their children and grandchildren in order to create new memories. The tradition carries on. This warms my heart and makes me feel very lucky to have been able to stay in such a place with my family.

 Fairy Stone is one of the very first state parks that Virginia opened. There are no TV’s. no phones and no cell phone or internet! in other words…it is PEACEFUL. We forgot about life back home, school and work.
When we came home, we found that hurricane Sandy is headed this way, and we wished that we hadn’t left Cabin 8! LOL.
Here are the pictures from our trip…WARNING…there are a LOT of them!!
Our first stop was Philpott lake. We just had to check out the view. It was the perfect place to stretch our legs before we could check in at Cabin 8.

Had to stop on the way to the interstate to take a pic of the sunrise over this pond

Got to have my Dunkin Donuts coffee! delish!

The kids at Philpott lake visitor center under a beautiful yellow tree!

Soren climbing a tree at Philpott visitor center park area

Philpott lake

We arrived soon after to Fairy Stone…

Soren is happy!

Very old school cabin!

view from the door to the back porch

checking the map before our hike

boo bear!

a beaver has been here!

This is how Soren looked almost the entire time we were here! LOL! mis-matched PJ’s!

Ciarra approves of Cabin 8!

Making a fire before we play UNO

another penny found in the cracks! it is a tradition. You hide a penny in the cracks of the cabin for the next people to find

someone had to let us all know they were there! LOL

I wonder if this was also carved in 1979?

A penny we found

John hiding a penny in the cracks!

Our journal entry in the Cabin 8 journal

Morning mist on the lake

Soren looking at fairy stones

John being John! xoxo

Soren playing at the Philpott Lake park

Morning at Fairy stone…so peaceful

And on the way home we decided to go a different route…one we had not been on before. We ended up finding another state park, and stopping to take a look. This time it was Twin Lakes State Park.

We had the best time! We look forward to our next family adventure. These are the moments in time that I just treasure! I love my family 🙂

Until next post,
Have a wonderful day!

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