Pictures from New Kent County

Here are some recent pictures from our visit around New Kent County. My Aunt used to live here when I was younger. I STILL remember a visit to her house when I was just three years old!! I remember walking down by the lake, and my family members sitting around the table laughing and smiling. I remember the way the sunlight came through the trees, and how green the grass was on the gently sloping hill that stretched down to greet the lake. When you can remember something all the way back to when you were three, it was a significant and meaningful event that had occurred. I think it was then that I knew I wanted to live in a place with lots of trees, and have a happy family. Goal achieved!

Saude Creek Winery

Ciarra and Mr. Saude the cat

Saude Creek main building 

Saude creek vines

John and I on the grounds of Saude Creek

Some vines on the side of the road that belong to New Kent winery

The road to where my aunt’s house was on the lake

On the road to aunt Sadie’s house

An old abandoned house by the Saude Creek winery

New Kent Lake, where Aunt Sadie’s house was
New Kent Lake


And when I came home, I saw this tiny snail in my flower bed, I just had to take a picture!

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