Some of John’s Photowalk 2012 pictures

Here are some of John’s pictures from Photowalk 2012.  Like I said, it is interesting to see how people interpret the same subjects….

You can see the leaf change happening. It has changed even more since this picture was taken

The barrel maker

General Lafayette

John loves taking pics of mushrooms!

Scarfing down some Eaton Mess!! If you don’t know what it is, you must google it! IT IS SO GOOD!

Soren sharing some dessert with the gang!

This is just so cute

STORM THE PALACE! I love how he caught the guy to the right with his sword up in the air yelling!

If you want to see a group photo of the wonderful people we went on Photowalk 2012 with, you can visit EFCubed. There is a group photo of all of us up now that you can see. Here is the link:

I still have to share Soren’s pictures taken with the 20D and Ciarra’s iphone shots.

Today we are off to run a few Halloween related errands, and head to the Pumpkin patch! It is sort of funny because right now it is raining, just like it was a few years ago when we visited the farm. I will post pictures of our pumpkin patch adventure later.

Until next post

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