Two of our stock shots used on the TLC website! and my schedule

This morning as I was sipping my tea, I decided to take a look around the web to see if any of our stock images were being utilized. Today I was pleasantly surprised to see that TLC was using two of them.

Our BBQ tofu skewers shot

Our Halloween Candy eyeballs shot

I love it when I find our pictures in a google search! Usually when you sell stock photos, you have no idea who buys them, or where they will be used. Thanks to the internet, at least we know where a few are! 😉

Yesterday we shot my plaid coat pictures. The weather has been really off and on. Yesterday it drizzled on me while John shot pictures. He will be processing them, and all the pictures we took at the orchard today.
 We had a ton of pictures to go through and select from the orchard. It was around noon when we were there and bright direct sun, which is NOT the best for photography. I got a little sunburned on my face.

Today we have a thunderstorm which should hit around 9:15am. It is super dark outside my windows right now, when normally you would see the faint glow of the sun coming up. When it gets like this, I just want to go back to bed, or snuggle up on the couch under my fall quilt.

Picture from 

I have a bunch of assignments for school to get done today, and projects to work on. I also have to dig out my Halloween decor and put it up! So much to do, and not enough hours in the day to do it.
So that being said…it is back to work for me!
More pics to be posted later today hopefully!
Until next post

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