Waiting on the weather and thinking of winter….

Black birds in the snow items click here

We are sitting here at home waiting to see what this hurricane Sandy is going to do. It has been steadily raining all day long. Tomorrow is supposed to be the “main event” so to speak, and the worst will be upon us. Only time will tell where this is all going, and what will occur.

On another note, I FINALLY finished my orange coat! I have been so utterly busy this month that I have had barely any time to work on it for any lengthy blocks of time. It would have been done long ago, but life intervenes…

I am going to attempt to shoot some pictures in the coat tomorrow on my porch. We will see how it goes. Not sure if I will be able to pull it off or not, but I am going to try!

Ciarra put this “Black Birds in the Snow” set together on Polyvore. Every winter we have a ton of black birds that come to feed and roost in the trees on my property. They look so pretty against the stark white of the snow. This was the inspiration for this set.

I hope all of you that are in the path of Sandy will stay safe and dry. Be careful, and alert always.
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