“3 looks to wear to Thanksgiving dinner”-by Ciarra

Here are three different looks to wear for Thanksgiving dinner. You can click on the links under each set to learn more about the items shown here, or you can use these outfit ideas as inspiration to make your own garments.

Either way, you will look lovely when you come to the dinner table to enjoy good times with your family and friends. Enjoy!


Casual Thanksgiving
Giving Thanks

Over the river and through the woods

What do you usually wear on Thanksgiving? do you have a casual or formal type dinner?? Do you usually do anything special for the occasion besides eat a fantastic meal??
Don’t be shy! Do tell!!

Until next post,

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  1. We also usually do more dressy casual, but there are times when we have dressed up. I love the top in look one that she picked here. I would love to have that! I like look one a lot as well. look two looks very 1960's to me. I told Ciarra it reminded me of Jackie-O! 🙂

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