It’s Thursday Nov. 1st! How was your Halloween?

WOW! I can not believe it is already November 1st!! This year has just flown by. It is already time to start thinking about the holidays, my husbands birthday (which is this month!) and Thanksgiving…YUMMY! Also Christmas shopping…as my neighbor reminds us with the digital sign he has in the front of his house! Christmas is only 53 days away….

This is my neighbors house right now….this was taken a couple of days ago. It is not completed yet.

Our Halloween was good. We took Soren out to Trick-Or-Treat. Kids started coming by my house at around 6. Soren and his daddy carved a Jack-o-lantern together when he got home from work, then I put on Soren’s makeup, which took about 30 minutes. Putting makeup on little kids can be hard sometimes! LOL…they like to wiggle a lot! 😉

I love the classic “Charlie Brown” type face they picked! Check out the Pumpkin guts mom!

Carving the face

part of my neighbors decor


These are just a couple shots taken with my iphone. My husband took pictures with our Canon. I have yet to see the pictures he took last night, but I bet they are good. I will probably post some here. I also saw more of the pictures he took from our trip, and there are some amazing shots. All the pictures I posted here were just taken with my iphone! We have been so busy, we haven’t had much time to go through and edit pictures yet.

Today is also “Make it wear it Thursday” at The train to Crazy blog. Come join in the fun, and post your latest creation!

Click here to check it out

Yesterday I worked on my peplum sweater, and it is just about finished! I love making tops and separates because they come together so quickly. I had it cut and pieced in an hour and a half easy.
I need to apply the trims to it now…which I am still tweaking a bit. The original stretch lace I picked out, I am not too sure about. I needed to put it aside and sleep on it. I will go back to it later and see what I think today. The whole thing will be finished this afternoon, and then John will be able to shoot pictures of it today, or this weekend, so stay tuned for the posting! 🙂
Time to get back to work! 
Have a fabulous day today!
Until next post,

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