Link party at “Gingerly Made” and updates for the weekend

There is a new link party today on the Gingerly Made blog. I posted my “a stroll through the park in autumn” pieces up today. If you would like to post a new creation of yours, or just come to check out all the fabulous links to the various hand crafted projects, then please click on the link below the icon.

Gingerly Made blog

It is time for lunch in my house. My daughter is making sushi! YUMMY! I can’t wait to eat!
After lunch I will be working on my new garments.

This weekend is of course Veterans’ day weekend, and so my family and I will be celebrating by taking a trip to Colonial Williamsburg for all the festivities. My son has been so anxious to watch the cannons be fired, and the soldiers lined up with their muskets! He LOVES Williamsburg, and I suspect he gets his tastes and likes from me. I adore history, and I seemed to have passed that on to Soren. I can’t wait to take him into the palace so he can get a load of all the weapons that decorate the walls and ceilings! He is a boy after all, and so he likes all the things out there that go BOOM and explode! LOL!

To all those out there who are vets…THANK YOU for your service and dedication to your country!! because of you, I am able to sit here and type this blog, and say what ever I like!!!
and to my husband John….THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO!!!

John getting some awards

The Crew on his last boat

SEE…I told you boys like things that go BOOM! LOL!

I will posting up pictures from our visit to Williamsburg. There are so many neat things to do and see there. Have you ever been there?? If so, what did you think of it? What were your favorite things about it?? I find the whole place utterly charming. It is so neat to walk down the same streets that George Washington did. 🙂
I hope that all of you are enjoying your day. Remember to thank a vet!
Until next post,

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