Monday Funday And Link ups

It’s Monday again….

This morning my husband and I literally rolled out of bed. We had a nice weekend of bike riding, shopping and family time, so neither one of us wanted to get out of the warm and cozy bed! While he headed to work, I headed to the treadmill for my morning cardio session. Over the weekend I did some research and designed some workout wear. I think it will be fun to draft the pattern for what I created…but that will be later on, after the first of the year. It is a spring project after all. I have yet to design the swimwear/bikinis. I already have some fabrics for that, which I have had for a while. I want to look a bit into trends and what is new before I start designing.

Today is what I am going to call “Wooly Mammoth day” LOL! but seriously…I am working with the faux fur, and it is MESSY. A word of advice…do NOT wear black or clingy fabrics when working with faux fur. You will look like an animal crawled into your lap, and used you as a bath towel.

The Burda Pattern I am using to make coats

I still have some more food shopping to do for our Thanksgiving. We will be spending the day at Grandma’s house. We have decided to eat a very healthy feast this year, so gobs of stuffing and butter-drenched potatoes are OUT. This year we are having my yummy roasted veggies, my celebration quinoa, “special” potatoes (mashed cauliflower with a little yukon gold potatoes mixed in with garlic and seasonings) sesame mushroom green beans with tamari, and I am making a light pumpkin cheesecake. Mom is roasting the turkey. I am looking forward to having our special meal! We all have much to be thankful for.

Friday is also my husband’s birthday! I am VERY thankful for John. He is the one who takes all the amazing photos of me in the outfits I create. We have a lot of fun together. I can’t imagine life without him.

John and I on our anniversary this past July

Before I get to work on the faux fur coats, I wanted to mention that there are several link parties going on. Here are a few that I posted on. Come join in the fun by clicking the links below the icons..






Until Next Post,
Have a wonderful week!

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