Saturday project design….

Hi everyone, and a happy Saturday to all of you!

This morning I am doing a bit of Christmas shopping for the kiddo’s with my hubby. When I return I will work on cutting out my stripe cowl neck. I finished the “throw on” jacket yesterday, and it is WARM. I was originally thinking of doubling up my fabric, but now I am glad I didn’t! it is warm enough as it is.
As you know, this outfit was inspired by my “Autumn Snapshots” set on Polyvore.

The red cowl neck sweater here reminds me of the 1970’s. I was born in the early 70’s so I remember my mom’s friends wearing pretty cowl neck sweaters like these. They would look so chic and pretty, as they would pair them with nice trousers or skirts with leather boots, much like the brown ones here in this set.
I am drafting up the pattern, and cutting it out today. Here are some pictures I selected as inspiration for my pattern…

I have this sweater from Victoria’s Secret. Love the way it looks on me.

Love the length on this one from Piperlime

Another neckline I have been considering…but not sure yet.

Here is an actual vintage pattern from the 70’s. As you see this neckline is a bit higher.

I can’t decide which neckline I am going to do, but I am leaning towards the deeper cut one. I know that this particular cut already looks flattering on me.

Today I also posted up my Autumn garments on Six Sister’s Stuff. There are a TON of links to look at on this page! If you would like to see what I mean, just click on the link below the icon.


I am off to run errands with the hubby! I hope you are all having a fabulous weekend!!
until next post,

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