What a fabulous weekend! and more…

What an amazing and fun weekend I have had! First John and I spent a wonderful day shopping for Christmas, followed by an awesome dinner. Then we visited Colonial Williamsburg, where John and a TON of Vets and active duty military were honored with cannons being fired and Patrick Henry giving an awesome speech. I shot some video of it with my iPhone, but have not had the chance to edit it yet. We had a great time. Then yesterday we spent the day at home taking care of some much needed house keeping, and then celebrating with a bonfire at the back of our property…complete with sparklers! 🙂
Here are some iPhone pictures I took. John took some GREAT photos, which I will be posting some of once we finishing looking through them.

Governors Palace

Loved this!

Simple Cottage

Palace grounds

At the Miliner/Tailor

Walking down Duke Of Gloucester


This came out blurry! UGH! I hope John got a better picture

John is to the right of the flags

A ton of people being honored! YAY


Our guide through the palace

Palace front

just a few, and I mean few, of the weapons on display in the palace


ball room

Lovely tree!!

And when we got home….

John found her while cleaning up the yard…

Ciarra with Miss Praying Mantis

A small snake we came across when walking in Willamsburg

Starting the bonfire

Soren proud of the fire he made!

Sparkler time!

I love how this came out…pretty cool

We had such a blast!!
When I woke this morning, it was raining outside. A lot of the leaves are now disappearing on the trees, and the ones that are left are quite orange and golden in tone.
I can not believe that next week is Thanksgiving! This month is just flying by!The Friday after is also John’s birthday.
I know it is not even winter officially, but I am already thinking to projects for the spring. This year I will be making my own line of workout wear and bikini’s. Because I know I will be making these items, it gives me great motivation to make sure I am in tip top shape to wear them for the photos. I will also be designing some of these for Ciarra, and some workout gear for the boys as well.
I have a ton of sundresses planned, and I want to make some shorts and things to wear while out on our boat. So much to do! I have my hands full for the next few months.

I also posted up my autumn items on the “Or so she says” blog. There are a lot of fabulous ideas and recipes posted up on the link party, so come and check it out. You might just find something that will work for you for the holiday season! Just click the link below the icon to check it out for yourself.


I will be working on my cowl neck top today. I obviously did not get around to sewing it this weekend! LOL! I was having too much fun with the family! YAY!

Time to get to work!
Until next post,

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