I just wanted to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!! I have been so busy with the holiday prep and my finals, that I have hardly had time to do anything else. I still have yet to finish my green dress. There is a possibility that it will be done today, but we shall see. The family and I will be going on a bike ride today, so that will determine how I feel when we get home. Will I be in the mood to sew?? hhhmmmmm…only time will tell! 😉

SO…I AM DONE WITH THE SEMESTER!!! I am happy, and I am ready for a BREAK!!!
remember how I said I was in a “beachy mood” and I was motivated to make some sundresses??? Well…….
Now that will be a necessity!! YAY!!! we are headed to white sand beaches. We booked a vacation to south florida/florida keys for early spring. I am so HAPPY! What a fabulous way to start the warmer weather months, before our boat season goes into full swing. I have some ideas in mind for things I am going to make. As I stated before, I plan on making eyelet sundresses with some fabric I have had for a while now. I also want to make some shorts, and skirts for the trip. Skirts literally take an hour to make once everything is cut out, so that will be easy. I am still going to make my bikini’s and workout wear as well. The only thing I am concerned about is TIME. I start my spring semester Feb. 4th, and I have a draping/flat pattern and a fashion design class to take care of. Both of these classes require a LOT of time, and hands on work…not to mention a TON of creativity. I am just hoping I can get what I want to get done, while that is going on. When you have to design and sew all day for work, when you finally get free time, the last thing you want to be doing is sitting in front of a desk or sewing machine (well at least for an outdoors person like me that is!) That is why in the coming days of this vacation, I hope to get as much done as I can. I refuse to get overly stressed about anything though. Stress increases cortisol levels, and can destroy your health. I am not going to let ANYTHING do that to me. I want this experience to be pleasurable, and not feel like torture.
I work my butt off for my family, and with school. I deserve to have a little fun now and then. Anyone who makes an effort and works hard deserves it! So if you go above and beyond for others, make sure to have some ME TIME every now and then! Book a vacation, go to a spa, run some trails, slap some iron around, what every makes you happy…just DO IT! You deserve it, because you are worth it.

I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday time, and that the new year finds you in good health and filled with happiness!!
From my family to yours, bright blessings for the coming new year!!!
Love and joy to you all!
Amy Stebbins

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