Take me away….Four beach vacation looks to wear on your next winter vacation

Are you ready for that winter vacation??? I know I posted ideas for a winter snow covered weekend before, but here are a few ideas for what to wear on your next tropical winter getaway!
Perhaps as you read this, you are living in the southern hemisphere? It is SUMMER right now! YAY! A time for beaches, fun, and sun! If you are south of the equator, please have a fantastic summer!
One of these sets was created by Ciarra, and one by me. Can guess which set is which?

Click here to learn about the items used in this set

Click here to learn what is used in this set

When I was younger, summer was a time of freedom and fun. I lived within walking distance to the beach. I always loved the way that pastel colors and white flowy dresses looked on bronzed skin. I loved the way everyone smelled like Hawaiian Tropic suntan oil. All the girls had sun kissed beachy hair, and we ate icy cold coconut popsicles while skating for hours along the Hermosa beach and Redondo strand. Music would always be drifting from people’s homes along the strand, and if I had to choose one song that would represent summer in my youth at the beach, it would be Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds.” I would always get butterflies in my stomach as spring approached, and could not wait to spend summers with my friends at our beach.

Great beach hair!
YUMMY! Coconut Popsicles taste like summer!

                                                                            How we used to roll…literally….
                                                                       And this would be the theme song
Fot a long time in my adulthood, I lost that sense of “summer freedom” but I am happy to say it is now BACK! YES!
The weather where I live now is just awesome in summer, and I am so looking forward to being out on the water all the time on our boat. I love the warm air, and bath like water! I MISS IT.  We don’t have to deal with gobs of people on our boat, so it is like our own private little floating island. ahhhhhh!
I finished Ciarra’s faux fur jacket, and will be posting up pictures of it in the next few days. I still have to sew up mine, but I will be taking a break from faux fur for a project, and instead sew my wool jersey dress. It is the most pretty shade of green. I want to get going on it, so I can wear it with my new shoes.
I have a ton of other stuff in the works, so I will be busy for weeks. I can’t wait for my winter school break to begin. I need some time off!
Until next post, have a great day!

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