The weather is such a TEASE!

YES…you read correctly. I live in the mid-atlantic, and this is the current temp here! This weather is nothing but an utter TEASE. It is driving me bonkers! If it is going to be cold, then I want it to stay that way until it is time for it to be WARM.
My family and I were planning on going XC-skiing for “our” birthdays (Soren and I are in Feb. and 3 days after my birthday is Ciarra’s at the start of Mar.) but these temps have us singing a different tune. Now we are thinking florida instead. And why not? If there is no decent local snow, then we might as well enjoy some white sand instead! am I right?

All these warmer temps, and thinking of boating and beaches has really got me in the mood to make some sundresses! I think that’s what I might do once my green dress is finished. It would be nice to have something new to wear while down south soaking in the sun.

Yesterday when I took my break to eat lunch, I put together a set on Polyvore. Ciarra also created one. As you can tell, the thoughts of sunny vacation memories inspired our creations…

Ciarra’s creation. No doubt she is feeling the vacation vibe here!

My creation was inspired by memories of Ciarra when she was little 

If you would like to know more about the items in these sets, or view the other sets we have put together, then just click HERE.

I absolutely ADORE the “cocktail ring” used in Ciarra’s set! SO CUTE! I would love to have one of those. Aquamarine is Ciarra’s favorite color, as well as her birthstone.
My set was inspired by Ciarra’s favorite flower, the daisy. When she was a little baby she used to pick them all the time in our garden and say “daisies make me happy!”She also collected anything and everything with a daisy on it, and she LOVED the color yellow. 
My little daisy girl sitting in the cool summer grass

My little daisy girl at the beach in Redondo, CA where I grew up
While she still likes yellow, she is more about the aquamarine these days. I think when we move she should decorate her room in pale aquamarine, light yellow and white! A can picture a beachy theme. If she doesn’t want to go with that color scheme, I think I might! LOL. My set also brings back memories of sitting outside on the porch while sipping tea, and relaxing in the shade during the warm summer afternoon. The smell of green grass, flowers and earth filling the air. So zen like and happy! Ahhhh how I miss it! 
Come to think of it…I have some eyelet fabric that has a yellow flower print on it, and also some in peachy-orange color. This would be perfect for a summer garden inspired sundress. 

I am looking forward to our vacation. We have not set the date yet, but we know it will be sometime in March or the beginning of April. I am so excited to sit on the white sand and just R-E-L-A-X!!

It is time for me to have a “mental margarita” and just chill…

After looking at all these wonderful pictures, I am really in the mood to have some fun!!
I still have a couple of final assignments to take care of in my classes this week. All of my finals have been turned in though, and I am GLAD.
Hopefully in the next couple of days I will be posting pictures of my new green wool jersey dress. Stay tuned for updates 🙂
Until next post,

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