Winding down and getting back into the groove

Hello all,
How was your Christmas? Ours was one filled with family time and enjoyment. We had the grandparents over for Christmas dinner. We laughed, talked and had a bonfire after we had our Christmas feast.

Soren happy to open his gifts
Soren standing by the bonfire wearing his paper crown from his Christmas crackers.

We had some rather interesting weather for a few days here. We had thick overcast skies and a ton of rain! Then to our surprise we had a nice and LOUD thunderstorm, complete with very bright lightning! In all the years we have lived there, this has never happened in the month of December. Usually this type of storm only occurs in the summer months. Everyone kept saying “If it was cold enough, we would be getting tons of snow, by the way the sky looks!”It really did look like snowy sky.

The rain finally came to an end while I was in my kitchen preparing dinner. All the chilly rain had us craving some homemade quinoa chili. I was standing at the kitchen sink, when I realized the sky was perfect to view rainbows. Just as I was thinking this, John came in the door from taking out the trash, and said “You guys have to see this! Check out the double rainbow!”

We all scrambled for the front door, and I fumbled for my phone to try and get some pictures. John took some with our good cameras. Here is one that I snapped with my camera phone.

By the time I took this, the “double” part of the rainbow began to fade.

Yesterday I finally got around to finish my green wool jersey dress. When I put it on to give the fit a test, my husband said “That dress is very Madmen!” I have to agree. It has a classic shape for sure. I love the way the back drapes. I should be taking the pictures of the dress either today or tomorrow. It all depends on how John feels when he returns home from work. So be on the lookout for my “Green with Envy” cocktail dress (as Ciarra likes to call it) I really am loving all the accessories I have to go with this dress. I can’t wait to see how the pictures turn out.

Today I am cutting out the pattern for my next dress. This one is really cute for spring or summer wear. The fabric I will be using is a dusty navy blue with a pattern of stars sprinkled all over it. I hope it comes out as cute as I think it will.

I am going to get back to work now. It has been nice winding down from the busy craziness of the fall semester, and getting back into the groove of things around my house. I like spending as much time as I want with my kids. It is so nice to just get to “be” for a change….that is until Feb. 4th rolls around…*sigh*

Until next post,

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