2013 is quite a year of change…

As I head down the road that is my life, I can’t help but to reflect on all that has passed, where the road has lead me, and where I still have yet to travel.

So far 2013 has already started with several changes put into motion. One of the main things happening will be a change of residence. Moving to a new home is always rather stressful, time consuming, and quite emotional. The house we live in now was our first home purchase. We have since outgrown it, and are desperate for workspace.The time has finally come to move on to bigger and better things.

My husband will begin a new stage in his career that brings much promise. From here there are several paths he can take that can lead to different things. Good things!

Ciarra is about to begin college. She seems really happy right now, and very optomistic. I have not seen her this elated in a while. I love to see my kids smile, and she can’t seem to stop! She tells me she feels there are wonderful things in store for our family in the near future, and I hope she is right!

There are career choices and business opportunities I have been looking into, and I have some choices to make. I feel the time is right to make a change. My intuition has been screaming at me, and I can no longer ignore it. It is time to move on to the next step.

I already can’t wait until summer. I am not one to wish time away, or hurry. I am at the age now where I just want to take it slow…but I can’t help thinking of all the new and exciting things out there waiting.

Today I linked up my Sunshine Summer Dress at the following link parties. 

                                            Link up your latest creations and join in the fun!

No matter where the road leads my family into the future, I know we will be happy and do well, because we have faith and love in each other.
I love you Ciarra, Soren and John!! You are my everything!!

Until next post,

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